Our Company

At Greenwood, we never let the business of hospitality
overshadow the human heart of hospitality.

No matter what our job title or function, we never forget that building and sustaining relationships with our guests, coworkers, partners and suppliers are essential to what we do and who we are.

Greenwood Hospitality executives

Our values and philosophy are simple.

Excellence in our offerings, experiences and operations is our shared ambition. Trust and loyalty are the measure of our shared success. We're highly selective, focused on the horizon rather than what's expedient. And our priorities are as much with our brand ambassadors as with our guests and our partners.

While complex and multi-faceted, ours is a people business at its essence. At Greenwood, our impeccable reputation, impressive portfolio and sustained, financial growth are proof positive that when you get the people part right, the business part is sure to follow.

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