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Hospitality Management Services

Service is Our Lifestyle

Inspired by people and driven by creativity, Greenwood Hospitality offers the full spectrum of lifestyle hotel services that elevate the travel experience.
Our Strengths: Experience, Leadership, & Adaptability

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Direct Senior

Leadership Involvement

Our hands-on approach ensures efficient and meaningful interaction between ownership and property teams. Owners have direct access to Greenwood’s senior leadership without bureaucratic obstacles to hinder direct communication.

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Food and Beverage

Positioning and Excellence

Our expertise with food and beverage is unrivaled. Time and time again, we have positioned F&B offerings as a key differential factor in driving greater revenues and profitability for our hotels.

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Brand Relationship

and Recognition

Our unsurpassed relationships with the major hotel brands have earned Greenwood some notable recognition. This makes us an exceptional facilitator when it comes to successfully navigating brand requirements, including license agreements and Property Improvement Plans (PIPs).

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Our Culture

of Excellence

The “Greenwood EFFECT” culture ensures we attract top talent and exceptional candidates. This platform also inspires our Ambassadors to deliver exceptional service to our partners and guests.

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Our Strengths

Our Experience

We leverage the combined experience and impeccable reputations of our principals, who have managed, acquired, or advised on more than 500 full-service and select-service hotels, representing all major brands in over 40 states. They have led the acquisition of more than 70 hotels representing over $1.5 billion of transaction value.

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Our Strengths

Our Leaders

Our principals have been actively involved as owners, managers, and consultants to all the major branded hotels, as well as a host of independent and boutique assets. Our experience, independence, industry relationships, and sound financial platform enable us to compete in the marketplace for both acquisitions and property management contracts.

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Our Strengths

Our Adaptability

We understand that today’s challenges cannot be solved by yesterday’s solutions. No matter how successful a hotel asset or investment may be, we are always looking forward and preparing for new circumstances that may arise. As an investment sponsor or hotel manager, we believe it is our responsibility to apply the lessons from today to anticipate the potential challenges of tomorrow.

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