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The Game-Changer

We curate signature food and beverage concepts designed to penetrate the local market, drive significant revenues and maximize profitability.

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Our Philosophy:

Greenwood Hospitality Food and Beverage Group

Did you know that local decision makers seldom get to stay in hotel guest rooms? Instead, their decisions are based upon their experiences of the hotel’s food and beverage services, most usually, the restaurants.

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At Greenwood, we not only curate concepts, we position your hotel restaurant to compete head-to-head with the dominant local establishments in order to penetrate the coveted food tourism market.

Pillars Of Our Philosophy

  • Drive superior revenues
  • Research the market and be best in class.
  • Be fiercely freestanding competitive
  • Execute better than anyone
  • Maximize the Critical Moments of Service (CMS)
  • Develop signature service moments
  • Extensive training of staff and strong service culture
  • Focus on the power of “stories” to create a memorable experience
  • Impeccable sanitation, cleanliness and organization
  • A fanatical attention to detail
  • Proactive social media presence
  • Responsibly sourced, fresh, local and sustainable ingredients
  • Bespoke beverage programs that include: extensive wine by the glass, craft cocktails with custom ice and local craft beers
  • Industry leading cost controls and processes

Greenwood Services

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Market Research

Analysis and Competitive Set identification and evaluation

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From ideation to development, we cover positioning, creation, design and development based upon the research findings.

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Menu Development

Recipe creation, presentation, costing, pricing and analysis for restaurants, bars, banquets and catering, as well as development of curated buffet, coffee break and banquet presentation.

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Spatial Programming

Schematic design, kitchen layout and creative partnership design. Coordination of interior design to ensure concept execution and effective flow of service.

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Interactive training and development programs for all departments (front of house, bar arts, culinary) across multiple concepts and meal periods.

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Creative Bar Arts

Creation of curated cocktail menus, bar concepts, presentations, and extensive training.

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Signature space activation promotions in tandem with our industry partners. Revenue generation, strategic digital marketing promotions, and support.

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Internal Controls

Standardized budgeting, forecasting, labor control processes, implementation of best-in-class internal controls, and operational processes. Pro Forma and ROI analysis 

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Account Support

National account relationships for support of purchasing, pricing, training support and promotional activities

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Authenticity & Allure

Food & Beverage Concepts

We aim to become the community’s living room, the hub of hospitality in the market. Our innovative concepts are designed to surprise and delight and enliven the senses through passionate and flawless delivery of unparalleled experiences and engaging hospitality.

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Based on our market research, our concepts are tightly designed and curated to target the needs of both the local market and our hotel guests. Our concepts are innovative and designed to surprise and delight and enliven the senses through passionate and flawless delivery of unparalleled experiences and engaging hospitality. We aim to become the community’s living room, the hub of hospitality in the market.

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Fundamental Elements Of Our Concepts

  • Maximization of current trends.
  • An outside entrance that allows guests to enter without entering the hotel
  • Display kitchens when appropriate for the concept/space
  • Ability to create a private dining room (integrated with the dining room)
  • Integration of an active cocktail bar with the dining room
  • Availability of dining seating in the bar
  • “Essential Elements of Successful Restaurants” implementation
  • Robust beverage programs
  • Highly trained, knowledgeable, motivated and engaging staff members
  • Responsibly sourced and sustainable foods (local when possible)
  • Nutritional, vegan and gluten free offerings
  • Chef-driven positioning and personality
  • Restaurant space that integrates with the hotel lobby with good visibility from the front desk
  • Innovative and frequent space activation events
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Case Studies

Food & Beverage

Get a glimpse of some of our most notable success stories when it comes to Food & Beverage management.

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