Greenwood has led the acquisition of $750+ million in hotel
investments - and we're just getting started.

Greenwood sources and underwrites hotel and hotel debt investment opportunities for consideration to our network of investors. Having successfully led the acquisition of over $750 million of hotel investments, we are presented with acquisition opportunities from a network of real estate and mortgage brokers, hotel owners, bank lenders and various other national relationships.

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Greenwood Hospitality Principles
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When we sponsor an acquisition, we lead the investor group in all phases of the transaction, including document formation, due diligence, underwriting, debt sourcing, franchise selection, asset management, and disposition. When underwriting, we prepare a comprehensive investment memorandum identifying the market strengths and weaknesses, brand positioning, physical condition and capital expenditure requirements, repositioning strategies, operating forecasts, and exit options.

Our Competitive Advantages

Hotel management expertise
Our experience and expertise in operating hotels gives us the ability to underwrite with precision and confidence. After an investment decision has been made, we have the in-house capability to directly execute the business plan.

Proven track record in the brokerage community
Our principals have successfully executed hotel acquisitions and dispositions and are a recognizable entity in the hotel and hospitality debt brokerage community. As such, we are able to actively source significant numbers of qualified acquisition opportunities.

Excellent reputation with hotel brands
Brand relationships are critical to the repositioning and ongoing operations of a hotel asset. Our reputation and relationship with the leading brands facilitates a successful partnership between the owner and the brand.