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05 Aug 2017

Using social media to improve guest service

Hotel News Now

She arrives at the desk only to find that her room is not available yet. Upset, she treks back to the car to call her husband and feed her hungry daughter. This is not how she wanted to start their trip. Shelly settles into the back seat and sends the hotel a Facebook message with a photo captioned, “Me feeding my daughter in my car because my room was not ready when promised.”

Opportunities for guest service and recovery around situations like Shelly’s are abundant on social media. It isn’t merely a sales tool, but an operational tool as well. The very definition of social media is focused around concepts of sharing, engaging and networking. If we are only pushing our messages out (or worse, not present at all), it is like having a mailbox and never reading the letters you get. Social media holds guest service requests, concerns and accolades, and we should be taking advantage of it.

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