Distressed Hotel Services


Greenwood can assist hotel owners, lenders, and special servicers in all phases of a property or note’s workout, restructuring, or foreclosure. The company combines intimate knowledge of hotel management and real estate with expertise in capital markets to offer a compelling set of skills and experiences to assist in these situations.

Greenwood assists owners and lenders in repositioning underperforming hotels in the following ways:

  • Operations – Complete a thorough review of the property’s operations and expenses to ensure they provide the proper level of hotel services while at the same time promoting profit preservation.
  • Sales & Marketing – Analyze all property sales strategies to ensure market and customer coverage. Articulate a plan of action to promote near-term impact and delivery of top-line revenues.
  • Revenue Management – Perform a comprehensive review of all delivery system usage. Confirm property rate strategies are consistent with supply and demand characteristics.
  • Human Resources – Complete a review of all management personnel to confirm competency skill sets; review staffing levels and training programs to ensure guest expectations are being satisfied.
  • Reporting – Ensure compliance and adherence to financial reporting guidelines
  • Life/Safety – Ensure compliance and adherence to meet all lender, brand, and government requirements.